Coming Soon in September 2015: Fortice at Plaza Oleos, TB Simatupang

Plaza Oleos is located in a prime spacious office park fronting on Jl. TB Simatupang, outside of 3-in-1 zone. Conveniently located at Southern Jakarta’s business district, the building offers easy access to airport toll road, premium residential area in South Jakarta, and shopping as well as dining venues. Jakarta International School, Pondok Indah, and Kemang area are also in close quarters. Our center at Plaza Oleos is the perfect location for your spacious and modern office accommodation with eco-friendly facilities.

10th June 2015: Japanese Networking Gathering

We successfully held Fortice Japanese Networking Gathering, held on 10th June 2015 at MidPlaza 1, 17th Floor. It was our regular event and attended by our clients, business partners, and acquaintances from Japanese business community. We are looking forward to hold the next one soon.

Sponsors of this event: PT JAC Recruitment Indonesia, PT Indoplat Perkasa Purnama, Culinary Concepts Catering, and Vodka & Latte Salon

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29th April 2015: Property Agent Gathering

We were so glad to host our very first Property Agent Gathering on Wednesday, 29th April 2015. It was a delightful evening because we shared laughter, games, cool prizes, food, and oldies but goodies music. Thank you so much for everyone’s participation!

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Sumiei Kogyo Co., Ltd

We had set up a representative office for our project in Indonesia. One year ago I came to Indonesia and I felt pessimistic to run our project, but when I came to Fortice in Summitmas 2 and meet the staff, their staff are very helpful and cheerful. Since I met with them, I feel enthusiastic and confident, and my project in Indonesia is growing and running well with Fortice team. We enjoyed their service, Fortice has provided us with the wide range of service with very high quality. We just signed my agreement with Fortice for one year ahead. We hope Fortice always on my side.

Kazumasa Taka

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd


We had set up a project office at Fortice when we prepared our launch of our service.

We enjoyed the convenience of one stop shopping for all our need. From setting up our phone line to providing stationary items, Fortice has provided us with the wide range of service with very high quality.

We were able to concentrate on our core duties while the friendly and attentive staff would take care of our day to day things you come appreciate when you are so busy!

Sadami Sugimoto

Business Development Manager

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd